Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Pitlochry Festival Theatre is revered the world around as a home for dramatic excellence.

Each year, over 100,000 visitors from the UK and overseas come to be entertained by a wide repertoire of drama, music, ballet, stage shows and theatre.

The seasonal programme for 2017 is as exciting as ever.  There is a play to suit everyone's taste be it a musical, comedy or serious drama that you are after.  Pitlochry Festival Theatre is famous for the consistently excellent sets and costumes that are on display. The playing cast are employed on a seasonal basis and as such are required to each play a number of different characters in various plays. The beauty of visiting Pitlochry and the theatre in particular is that it is possible to stay for six days and see six different plays - 'the theatre in the hills' is sure to impress and entertain you during a visit here.

This summer's programme includes Cole Porter's High Society, J.M. Barrie's Mary Rose, Alan Bennett's People amongst many others.  This year's winter musical will be the effervescent, feel-good classic Singin' in the Rain.

Of course, outwith the main season there are a range of talks, gigs and comedy shows on offer and it is well worth regularly checking exactly what is on the programme at any time of the year. The theatre also puts on a tremendously successful Christmas production.

For a full list of theatre events and what's on, visit www.pitlochryfestivaltheatre.com