The Old Mill Inn

environmental policy

Scotland is beautiful and Perthshire is our home.

As a business we are committed to doing as much as we can to keep our surroundings as nature intended and to leave as little impact as possible on our environment.

We carefully monitor supplies that come into the business and the level of waste they create. As an everyday part of our operation we segregate waste and recycle glass, paper, cardboard and other materials.

A Biomass Wood Chip Energy Boiler heats the Inn and our water. The introduction of this system has reduced our reliance on mains gas which also helps the environment.

Our lighting throughout the business is produced by low-energy LED bulbs which use less power to light our rooms and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

As you will see in your bathroom we ask guests to place towels that need to be laundered into the bath and to hang up those that can be re-used. Over the course of each year, this significantly reduces the amount of laundry required and the impact this has on our surroundings. Equally our keycard power system means that energy is not wasted by cutting power supplied to the rooms when they are not occupied.

In our Restaurant, we actively source local suppliers that can provide provenance for the ingredients we purchase. This reduces the need for importing good from far afield and the “food miles” travelled.

Next on our list of eco-friendly measures is our Water Wheel; we are currently researching the possibility of using the wheel to produce energy for the Inn and we hope to have good news to report soon!