The Old Mill Inn

highland fling bungee & killie zip park

Discover Thrilling Adventures Just Around the Corner at The Old Mill Inn

Whilst you are staying at The Old Mill Inn, why not spice up your stay with nearby experiences that promise to elevate your adrenaline levels?

Highland Fling Bungee: Take a Plunge in the Highlands

Looking for an unforgettable thrill? Highland Fling Bungee invites you to take the leap from one of Scotland’s most iconic bridges, right here in the picturesque Highlands. Their experienced jump masters guarantee a safe and exhilarating experience. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned bungee enthusiast, this is your chance to conquer fears and make memories against the backdrop of stunning Scottish landscapes.

Contact Highland Fling Bungee to book your leap of a lifetime.

Killie Zip Park: Glide Through Treetops near The Old Mill Inn

For those seeking adventure without leaving the treetops, Killie Zip Park is the answer. Soar through the canopy on their top-notch zip lines, taking in panoramic views of the breathtaking Scottish scenery. Perfect for families, groups, or solo adventurers, their aerial park promises an exciting day out. Our knowledgeable guides ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages and skill levels.

Contact Killie Zip Park to book your treetop adventure.

Ready for an adrenaline boost? Join us at The Old Mill Inn and make your stay unforgettable with local adventures.  The excitement begins just around the corner!